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By Paul Williams, Jan 15 2013 06:45PM

What a day for PET Pastures. We have now gone International!!, this morning at 7am we took delivery of two 24 year old cobs from Guernsey having travelled on the overnight ferry. These two lovely horses, (pictures to follow) will be staying with us for a few days before they move to their new home in Sheffield – Mill Hose Animal sanctuary - . This has all been organised by Sue Vidamour from Guernsey Animal Aid -

By Paul Williams, Nov 13 2012 07:28PM


• Soil sample for pH (it should be around 6 to 6.5) and nutrient levels to assess what is required

• Pick up droppings to reduce parasitic burden and prevent selective grazing


• Chain harrow, aerating and rolling to promote healthy grass growth and level poached areas


• Fertilise and lime according to soil samples

• Control weeds such as buttercups, docks, thistles and nettles and first and third ragwort spray

• Topping to encourage new leaf growth and increased sward density


• Weed control, as there will be another flush of weeds in August/September

• Second spray for ragwort

• Topping, as and where required

• Harrowing and overseeding. If paddocks are to be closed up over winter, this will prepare them for a good start in spring


• Paddock rotation if possible. If not consider a sacrifice paddock or installing a bark turn-out area

By Paul Williams, Oct 31 2012 06:51PM

PET Pastures organised the Hayling Horse Show which this year was on Sunday 9th September. This year it was decided that we would make a donation to Horses Help Heroes. As a result of a successful show we have been able to donate £842.50 to this very worthy cause.

By Paul Williams, Oct 29 2012 06:27PM

Welcome to the new BLOG page for PET Pastures. I will hope to update this page on a regular basis, please feel free to comment on my services or ask questions. Thank you for viewing my web site.

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