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Field & Pasture Maintenance

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Why you need to maintain your pasture.


Horses & Livestock


If you keep horses it is important that you maintain your paddock and pasture lands properly as a well kept green pasture is essential to their health and well being. Horses can also damage the environment their hooves causing ruts, holes, and furrows when the ground is wet, and their droppings can prevent the growth of healthy grasses and harbour parasites.


Land Use


If left unattended, your pasture will become choked with weeds, grass will grow unevenly and wild plants such as docks, thistles and nettles will stunt the growth of healthy grass.

Poo Picking


We can remove droppings from your pasture, helping to reduce your parasitic worm count and eliminate patches of rank grass and prevent selective grazing.



Fertilising helps to maintain the nutrient status of the soil to promote healthy grass growth.



Grass should be kept at 5-7cm throughout the growing season. Topping helps encourage new leaf growth and increases sward density, which reduces the opportunity for weeds to grow and protects your pastures from the effects of hoof damage in winter.

Weed Killing


Spraying should be undertaken when weeds are actively growing. Spot and boom spraying will kill weeds such as docks, thistles, nettles and buttercups. By eliminating your weeds you allow new grass growth in their place and prevent them from re-seeding.



Harrowing prepares your pastures for healthy grass growth by removing dead grass from the base of the healthy grass and levels uneven areas created by your horse’s hooves over winter.

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